The Villa Pool

Templation Entrance

Oasis at the gates of Angkor

The temples stand nearby. Serenity is in the air. A secret lake by itself, the swimming pool reflects majestic palm trees. Nestled in a vast expanse of tropical flora, 41 living spaces, most of them with their own private pools, invite to rest, relax and contemplate. An oasis. One of a kind.

Enter a world of serenity


Airy common areas, generously sized private pool suites and villas, venerable trees and luxuriant flora, everything concurs here to inspire a distinctive, unforgettable sense of space.

A filmic evocation

Being so close to the ancient world of Angkor, an inspiration...

Your private pool suite

A visit by Globetrotter Moments

Visual Moments by WePlanOurTrip

From your private pool to the celebrated pool-lagoon

Echoes from Templation

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