4-night stay in Phnom Penh

Some see Phnom Penh just as a transit place, but what about considering to stay longer and explore the many facets this city has to offer? Here's an easy, self-guided program to enhance your experience, while enjoying our heritage oasis in the heart of "The Pearl of Asia".


Go around the city on a tuk tuk. Discover the Royal Palace and National Museum in the morning, experience the tasty and colorful Khmer street food at the Central Market stalls or discover authentic Battambang cuisine at Labaab Restaurant. Take a walk along the market shaded alleys before continuing your journey north to visit Wat Phnom and explore the hidden architectural gems of the Chinese District. Later, a stroll around the quaint Post Office Square gives you a glimpse on Phnom Penh of yore.

Back to the hotel, enjoy our complimentary (and well-deserved) foot massage, some refreshment by one of our two swimming pools. Then, head a few blocks away to marvel at the fascinating Apsara Dance at The National Museum. During this extended stay in Phnom Penh, you will certainly find the time to come back to that lovely building, which holds the world's most remarkable collection of pre-Angkorian art, amongst other cultural treasures.


The tragic past of Cambodia is still tangible at Killing Fields and Genocide Museum, that you will reach by car with a personal guide we can arrange for you. The visit will leave you even more impressed with the youthful energy of today's Cambodia, and the discreet but heart-felt desire of the youngest generations to cope with a troubled history.

On your way back to the hotel, stop by the Russian Market for some souvenir shopping and snacks. Later, get ready to be picked and go to Phnom Penh Passenger Port for our complimentary sunset cruise on the Mekong River. Floating over the majestic waters, rejuvenated by the river breeze and soothed by the precious views on Phnom Penh ever-changing skyline, you will be ready to sample the many gourmet and nightlife options this vibrant and quaint city holds for you.


Cambodia's reinventing itself, and facing the global challenges we all care about. Today, we invite you to visit a trendsetting initiative -- a charcoal production unit that recycles coconut shells and turn them into briquettes for cooking fire pits.

After a revigorating swim at the hotel, or maybe a quick nap, explore the area around Pavilion, in particular the many shops lining Streets 240 and 178 displaying handicraft, clothing and jewelry creatively made with the same goals in mind: sustainability, fair employment, environment-awareness.

Then, night descends over the city and it is due time for drinks at one or two of the many rooftop bars gracing Phnom Penh, for instance the Skybar recently inaugurated on Vattanac Tower 37th floor. In addition to gorgeous sunset skies, the moment allows you to marvel at the cityscape. Phnom Penh's growing at a dizzily pace. The future is happening now.


By then, you have explored a significative part of the Cambodian cuisine, and you might be tempted to give it a try on the other side of the oven. It is time to know more about ingredients and flavors by joining a Khmer cooking class! After a shopping expedition at the local market, learn from experienced cooks, then share the meal with the kitchen team and your fellow chefs-in-the-making. Always with the legendary Khmer smile!

In the afternoon, the tasting experience may bring you to a local brewery. Sample some great brews at a tap room overlooking the river, and get to know the Cambodian handcrafted beers that are more and more sought after all around South East Asia.

Later, maybe some live music on Bassac Lane, with its inviting line-up of cool bars and eateries?


Day trips destinations abound around Phnom Penh: Silk Island and its quaint villages, Kirirom National Park, the Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary, Oudong and its majestic pagoda, impressive Phnom Chisor, the quiet banks of Tonle Bati or (especially if you're heading to Siem Reap) the archeological site near Kompong Thom...

At Pavilion, we understand you want to be flexible and develop your own city experience, but in case you'd like us to help you with booking a taxi, a tuk tuk, some activities, or simply by providing more information, please ask Srey Dy, our Guest Relations officer. She's congenial, passionate about her country and always happy to share her valuable knowledge of all things Cambodian.

Were you about to leave us (for this time), we are sad to see you go but we know the Kingdom of Wonder has much to offer. From the splendors of Angkor to the pristine beaches of Koh Rong Island, we partner with hotels and resorts that will meet your expectations, Templation Angkor to begin with. See all our recommended destinations here.

Photos: Jérémie Montessuis, ReflejoConEncanto, DR7, MAADS, Rusty Compass

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