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Camp in style & in phase with Nature: MAADS Tropical Glamping

Along the pristine beach of a remote island, tucked in the Cambodian rainforest or within a semi-rural area close to the country's major landmarks, among the Kep mangrove or the gentle hills of Mondulkiri Province, the Jungloo project is set to provide glamping retreats to the traveler eager to escape back to Nature.

Projected Sites

Around Cambodia

Jungloo at Templation

Glamping at the Gates of Angkor

The Jungloo at Templation

Open since September 2019, our first Jungloo Retreat in a quiet and leafy Siem Reap area will offer eight bungalows, all of them with private plunge pool.

Glampers have access to Templation Resort facilities. A few minutes bike ride from Angkor Wat and the Ancient Khmer Temples.

(in collaboration with Templation Angkor)

Jungloo at Kabiki

Glamping Experience in the city

The Jungloo at Kabiki

Our very first tented bungalow, with private swimming pool, on the leafy grounds of Kabiki Secrets Gardens Hotel in Phnom Penh. (Photo @watch_us_see)

View from Floating Jungloo

Floating Jungloo

On the River, facing Phnom Penh skyline

Glamping right on the tranquil waters of the Phnom Penh Rivers. The Jungloo's first foating version opened in February, 2019. See more of Floatation here.

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