Tropical, transportable, trending: we are proud to present MAADS contribution to eco-friendly, affordable and glamorous hospitality solution adapted to South East Asia climate, landscape and spirit.

The Jungloo (jungle igloo) is the result of years experimenting tented structures and bungalow-like glamping units with three priorities in mind:

  • respect of the natural surroundings while ensuring high-end amenities for a comfortable and stylish escape to Nature
  • use of materials and building techniques reducing tourism and travel impact on environment, social and cultural context
  • priority to locally sourced know-how and building solutions in line with general standards for a creative travel experience.

TROPICAL: We have developed a self-cooling structure, using a double layer insulation for optimal heat and rain insulation.

Air-conditioning is focused on the sleeping space at night, within the mosquito bed-net, where a comfortable microclimate is maintained. This volume reduction saves 70% of the cooling energy.

Doors and windows are made of hard wood, preventing bugs and humidity from getting inside.

TRANSPORTABLE: The Jungloos do not need foundations. Supporting stilts are removable and leave no trace after being dismantled.

Assembly requires a minimum of workforce, each module being made of collapsible elements, as well as most of the furniture. Volumes and decoration enhance a “new nomad camping” feel.

TRENDING: Aimed at nowadays travelers looking for sustainable luxury and experiential stays, deeply connected to the environment, but with all the communication technologies available.

Glamping (glamorous camping) is definitely in, and our region has been pioneer in eco-retreats preserving the environment, while communication technologies allow a new-nomad lifestyle.

The Making-Of

The Jungloo — MAADS Office, 85 Street 240, Phnom Penh, Cambodia —

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