Dreaming of Your Home in Cambodia? Looking for New Opportunities? Invest with us!

Have you experienced one or several hotels part of Maads Collection? If so, you have enjoyed the feel, the sense of space, the oasis-like concept, the way our destinations reflect a commitment to preserve architectural heritage, to develop solutions for an harmonious real-estate development within eco-friendly, human-sized environment.

We are now offering a new service that will help you finding a property in Cambodia, calling the Kingdom of Wonder your home away from home.

Maads Homes is designed to meet your expectations as a savvy investor, or a passionate traveler wishing to drop anchor in a country highly commendable for its hospitable people, clement weather and exciting opportunities.

Property of The Month

Featuring one out of our many portfolio options

7-Makara Fully Renovated Apartment

7-Makara district in downtown Phnom Penh is going up on the list of savvy investors and period-building lovers. Minutes from Orussey Market, Central Market and Vattanac Tower, this flat has been renovated in the spirit of MAADS properties. Click for more info...

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