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Cool at the Pool

May 03 2019 by maads

Tags: swimming pool, DIB Club, Maads Hotels

Heatwave? More than ever, swimming pools across MAADS Hotels are a star feature...and a most welcome source of freshening up!

Templation Main Pool

With the thermometer stubbornly stuck into the high 30s for more than a month around Cambodia, our acclaimed swimming pools (main and private) are capturing the attention of travel influencers visiting our hotels...and providing relief to all our guests!

Here are some of the latest visual evocations of oasis-like respite across our destinations.

(Main photo by @northsouthtravels)

Templation Angkor Private Pool by @glaubew

Pavilion Sun Pool by @northsouthtravels

Templation Main Pool by @gabiluthai

Plantation urban resort & spa by @jqlouise

Penh House by @aroundtheworld_we

Relais de Chhlong by @vicinthewild

Jungloo/Kabiki by @benwalker

Blue Lime Private Pool by @ms.jelvz

Templation Main Pool by Patricia & Miguel, @freeoversea

Pavilion Lush Pool by @glaubew

TeaHouse by @beautifulcambodia

...and of course the DIB Club Pool & Lounge, Koch Pich Island, open everyday 9AM-8PM

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