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Around Cambodia with AroundTheWorld

Apr 03 2019 by maads

Tags: cambodia travel, influencers

Distinctive style, attention to local culture, modern travel with a heart: the qualities we appreciate most in travel influencer reporting.

Rajabori Villas, Koh Trong

Recently, we helped Vanja and Matteo from aroundtheworld_we with organizing their itinerary through Cambodia. Coming from Vietnam, with Bali as their next destination after the Kingdom of Wonder, the two young influencers from Italy beautifully captured the sense of the place, and what makes some hotels more memorable than most.

Templation Resort at the gates of Angkor

At the Jungloo, Kabiki Hotel, Phnom Penh

Penh House, near Phnom Penh Royal Palace

Terres Rouges Lodge, Banlung, Ratanakiri Province

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