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3 Years of Outstanding Service and Teambuilding

May 03 2019 by maads

Spotlight on Templation Angkor staff after celebrating the resort's third anniversary in style.

Since its opening in February 2016, Templation Angkor has been regularly recognized and awarded for the quality of its service. In addition to the exceptional architecture, the prime location a few minutes from Angkor Wat and the sustainable luxury the resort reflects with its environmental committment, Templation is all about friendly and efficient service.

"We really are a family here, dedicated to the utmost satisfaction of our guests, and this feeling is truly appreciated by the visitors", commented Ayub Yulianto, Templation's General Manager, towards the end of the Black & White Gala celebrating the resort's third anniversary this April; "there is a sure indication of that: amongst our 101 employees, the average career length is 2 years, which shows that our staff wants to improve their skills and grow within the family!"

Dinner, lucky draw and lots of dancing: the 3d anniversary celebration in style!

With the most senior employee being 63 years old and the youngest one only 18, Templation family is a youthful one: 29 years is the average age. Ongoing vocational training, language and professional courses are available to the whole staff.

Female employees are now reaching almost 39 % of the workforce, with a constant progression in strategical sectors such as Front Office and Food & Beverage. And due to the high level of technological development required by the central solar powering system or the state-of-the-art filtering systems for the many private pools and the vast main pool, Engineering remains one of the core departments at the resort.

Dynamism and a positive stance on the ever-growing Siem Reap hospitality scene bring the Templation team into many local events, such as the yearly Half-Marathon Run set on the grounds of Angkor Archeological Park.

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