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Photogenic Blue Lime

Aug 02 2018 by maads
30 photographers invited by Sony Cambodia join a photo workshop session around the glamorous pool at Blue Lime Citylife Hotel Phnom Penh
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With the guidance of professional photographer Pu Sam, and with fashion model May Be gracing the scenery with her posing, 30 photographers-in-training recently joined a workshop day under the umbrella of Sony Cambodia at Blue Lime CityLife Hotel, downtown Phnom Penh.

Awesum Photography's camera captured the moment. This local photo atelier is reinventing pre-wedding and wedding photography, with a distinctive touch and atmosphere reflected in this one below.

Fact is, Blue Lime is a highly photogenic place, or "Instagrammable" as the new word goes...Our friends at TimeOutExperience travel blog proved it again with a set of great shots such as these ones:

...and at Blue Lime Private Pool Suite...

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