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Going Greener at Pavilion

Aug 06 2018 by maads
MAADS destinations contribute to the global mobilization against plastic proliferation. Paper straws and refilling bottles are a big part of the responsible tourism committment.
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You get your own stylish and handy aluminium bottle that you refill at your hotel, and in many refill stations along your strolls in the city: Pavilion Heritage Oasis Hotel has joined the Refill not Landfill campaign in Cambodia.

And like at TeaHouse, in-room glass bottles refilled every day (and on request whenever needed) will soon replace the countless plastic bottles adding to the unrecyclable trash under which our planet is suffocating.

All through MAADS hotels and restaurants, paper or organic straws are now in use. Incrementally, the plastic burden on our environment will recede, especially if innovation in trash collecting and recycling is developing worldwide.

Paper straw & fresh coconut at Pavilion

Glass bottle in a room at TeaHouse

These eco-improvements definitely contribute to responsible traveling, respect of the environment and personal well-being.

The ongoing plastic-free revolution initiated by organizations such as Refill Not Landfill in collaboration with hospitality companies around South East Asia will spare our region of 175 million plastic bottles over the next four years, it is estimated.

You can purchase your aluminium portable bottle at hotel check-in or at the hotel store (5 $). Then it's yours and by the way, what a nice travel souvenir back home!

To find the refill points in Phnom Penh and around Cambodia, check here.

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