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First Influencers Check On Jungloo Project

Jul 23 2018 by maads

Tags: jungloo, eco-tourism

The Jungloo (Jungle igloo) pilot structure has been set in the gardens of Kabiki Hotel in Phnom Penh, and this brand new project in eco-tourism and sustainable luxury is appealing to travel bloggers, vloggers and influencers!

"So different, so relaxing and so comfortable", say Alex & Nick from TimeOutExperience after staying a while at the Jungloo recently set on the grounds of Kabiki Secrets Gardens Hotel, Phnom Penh.

Designed for nature lovers eager to explore remote destinations with the minimum environmnent footprint, and without giving up on stylish decor and state-of-the-art amenities, the tented bungalow opens up to tropical flora while staying cool (and dry) thanks to its double-skin frame.

(photos TimeOutExperience)

Meanwhile, "this really is glamping!", exclaims Christopher from SeeLauTravel, globe-trotter/vlogger who stayed at The Jungloo during his extensive (and good-humored) exploration of the Cambodian capital city. Glamping for glamorous camping, of course...

Watch what he wants to say and show about this innovative hospitality resource at the end of the clip below.

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