Visit the "Save The Forest" Charcoal Factory

Coconut shells used instead of fire wood burn longer, reduce carbon emission and represent a smart way to reduce deforestation

Every month, collecting and processing used coconut shells -- a fruit wildly consumed in Cambodia as a beverage, a cooking ingredient and in the cosmetics industry-- SGFE, a small but tenacious organization, produces 130 tons of eco-friendly charcoal briquettes.

The people at SGFE (for Sustainable Green Fuel Energy) are well aware this is still far from the more than 200 tons of wood charcoal consumed every day in the family and commercial fire pits around Phnom Penh. They also know that the coconut-based fuel burns longer and is much less volatile than the wood charcoal, thus notably reducing carbons emissions...and a rampant deforestation that has been devastating Cambodia for years.

Meet the young team behind this remarkable initiative during the visits Pavilion Heritage Oasis Hotel is organizing for its guests and for the capital city residents. And on your way, sip a refreshing fresh coconut, the shell will be recycled too!

Learn more about SGFE here.

To set up your visit, please email us

Green Charcoal Video
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