Lotus Leaf Workshop

Express the artist in you on lotus leaf canvas

What could be more gratifying than painting on lotus leaves during a visit to South East Asia? In association with Lotus Leaf Art, Pavilion hosts exclusive workshops for you to discover this wonderful medium and create your own artwork.

Over the years, local artists have developed a natural preservation technique to protect the delicate leaves of the lotus plant from yellowing and decaying.

Learn how to express the inner artist in you on a prepared canvas sized to be easily taken back home at the end of your journey.

  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 2pm-4pm at Pavilion Heritage Oasis Hotel
  • Coaching by Himapan Gallery art teacher
  • Ready-to-use lotus leaf canvas, 20 cm X 20 cm
  • All material (brushes, high-quality paints, support, apron) provided
  • Finishing and wrapping for transport
  • 60 USD per person
  • Enlist at Pavilion reception or by email
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