Elephant Valley Project

Deep in Cambodian North East rainforest, another way to approach the gentle giants

"Let them roam free", this is the motto of Cambodia's original and premiere (since 2006) elephant sanctuary. Among 1,500 hectares of rainforest protected from illegal logging and poachers, rivers, grassland and bamboo groves, ten elephants just live their lives, with only veterinary supervision and the protection of EVP rangers as human activity around.

Visitors to the sanctuary often stay several days at the EVP camp to trek the area, learn more about the elephant natural habitat...and marvel at their sight. They are invited to join volunteer programs aimed at reforestation, rehabilitation of traditional villages, and more.

The non-gouvernemental organization is also actively involved in local charitable programs in education, healthcare, food for impoverished family, as well as in the preservation of the Seima National Forest, in conjunction with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Cambodia's Ministry of the Environment.

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