Bousra Waterfall EcoPark

Adventure around one of the most famous Cambodia natural destination,

Zipline and trekking in the Mondulkiri province, the Cambodian Wild East.

Bousra Waterfall is one of the country’s most impressive falls. This triple-drop waterfall has an upper tier of 12m and a spectacular lower tier with a thundering 20m drop and the less popular last tier is 4m. Getting there is a 38km, 45 minutes trip east of Sen Monorom (the main town in Mondulkiri Province) on a mostly sealed road.

As you wander inside Bousra Eco Park, your sense will delight at the iconic Bousra waterfall right on the spot. Originally, the only way one could view the falls was by literally standing on the platform which is right in front of the amazing waterfall.

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